Privacy Policy for Mobile Applications
Domatic Software

This Privacy Policy describes how Domatic Software and my third parties partner collect and use data when you use my apps.
By using my apps, you agree to this Privacy Policy. Do not install / uninstall the app if you do not agree with this Privacy Policy.

First of all

I'm publishing three different types of apps: paid apps, free apps and free apps with in-app purchases.

Paid apps are completely ad-free versions of some free apps and additionally come with some extra features. Third parties are not involved and no kind of data is collected.

Free apps are free of charge and use banner advertising provided by me and by third parties (so you don't have to pay for my apps).

Free apps with in-app purchases are free apps with the option to remove all ads by purchasing the corresponding in-app product ('Remove ads') via Google Billing Services. They may come with other in-app products to upgrade the app.

Use of Data

'Personal data' is information that identifies you or another person, including but not limited to your name, address, email address, IP address.

'Non-personal data' is information that does not identify you or another person, i.e. device information, hardware model.

Since all my apps are distributed via Google Play Store by Google Inc., I encourage you to read Google's privacy policy:
I, the publisher, have access to general, non-personal data for statistical information provided by Google. This includes information like download, install, uninstall numbers and country, language, device model, carrier and app version. The data is non-personal and I can not link this data to an individual person.

Paid Apps: I do not collect, store or share personal or non-personal data.
Free apps (with and without in-app products) display my own ads for other Domatic Software apps AND advertisement by third parties. I and third parties may collect and store personal and non-personal data. Please read the paragraph 'Ad Serving' for more information about your shared data and how interest-based ads can be disabled.

Ad Serving (ONLY applying for free apps - with and without in-app products)

Domatic Software

I may show banner ads to promote other apps by Domatic Software. By clicking the ad and confirming to proceed you will be forwarded to Google's Play Store, to the app's download page.
Your IP address is used to deliver and display my ad on your device. Further I receive only non-personal data like (but not limited to) your device model, android version, language information. Neither your IP address nor any other data is collected or shared. All information is exclusively used to display ad for Domatic Software apps.

Third parties: AdMob, Google Inc. and its partners ('my partners')

I offer free-of-charge apps that display banner advertising provided by my partners that link to their advertising service.
My partners may use ad serving technologies (advertising identifiers) that perform similar functions like cookies. Personal data (like your IP address) and non-personal data (like device model, sensors in your device) may be disclosed to, collected and stored by my partners.

Advertising identifiers and your data is used and saved by my partners to (but not limited to) coordinate ads across your apps and browser, to measure ad performance, to make advertising more effective and show interest-based ads. I have access to anonymous and limited statistical information about the use of my apps from my partners.

You can disable interest-based ads: open your 'Google Settings' app on your device, select 'Google' and tab 'Ads', switch 'Opt out of interest-based ads'. Please note, you will still receive advertisement and it may be based on factors like your general location from your IP address.
Please take note of our partners' privacy policy as they operate under their own policies:

App Permissions

Paid apps: Only permissions that are necessary to run the apps are requested. Permissions are exclusively used for the apps' internal processes. Please take note of the info about sd card permission below.
Free apps: Permissions for network access is necessary to display advertisement (see section 'Ad Serving' above). All other permissions are needed for the functionality and the features my apps offer. (see above section 'Ad Serving').

'Write/store to sd card': This permission is used to save data (like a taken picture) on your device. Saving data to your storage means that other applications may read the saved data.

Your Rights

Right to information

You have the right to contact me and get information about collected data, their purpose and their origins and recipients. See contact information at the bottom.

Opt-out rights

As explained in the paragraph 'Ad Serving', you can opt-out interest based advertisement. More information: 'Ad Serving' - 'You can disable interest-based information'.

And of course you always have the option to uninstall my apps to stop advertisement and the collection of any data.


I reserve the right to update this Privacy Policy from time to time. I will post any changes of this Privacy Policy on this website, so I encourage you to review it frequently.


Renzo Macedo
Domatic Software
If you have any questions regarding this Privacy Policy or the usage of your data, please contact me at 

Last updated: 5 May 2017
Effective date: 5 May 2017